December 9, 2020

110/220VAC Vacuum Pumps
Dual stage vacuum pumps operates on 110 VAC or 220VAC.Advanced dual-stage layout pulls deep vacuum to 50 microns. Layout of these 1.5,3,5,eight,10,twelve CFM pump improvements make over the performance-proven excellent capabilities. What ever your vacuum pump requires, the ideal pump will go to do the job with you .
Dual stage design-second stage starts pumping at a reduce pressure to pull a deeper ultimate vacuum.
Avoiding oil-returning design-prevents pump oil from staying sucked into the method if a energy reduction happens.
Gas ballast-speeds evacuation and keeps oil cleaner.
Huge oil reservoir-lightweight and better dilute corrosive contaminants.

110/220VAC Vacuum Pumps
Single stage vacuum pumps operates on 110 VAC or 220VAC. Selecting the right dimension pump from 1.5 cfm to 9 cfm relies on your unique application. These pumps one particular engineered specifically to aid you do your task speedier and far better.
Substantial efficiency-CFM rated as ?┬░free air displacement.?┬▒150 micron area rating.
Hefty duty substantial torque motor-assures cold weather staring.
Very low operating temperature-improve efficiency and vacuum.
Forced-feed lubrication design-help cut down operating temperature and much better Lubrication.