3-32inch Diesel Water Pump for Irrigation Mine Dewatering Fire Fighting Marine Use

3-32inch Diesel Water Pump for Irrigation Mine Dewatering Fire Fighting Marine Use

Why choose us?

  • Specialized manufacturing Manufactory for a lot of kinds of diesel drinking water pumps
  • Concentrate on R&D for advancement
  • Knowledgeable in Domestic and oversea market place
  • Meticulously paint  or plastic powder coated making certain very good appearance
  • Years of CZPT services CZPTs, Engineer a single-to-one services

Principal Parameters:

Diameter two-48inch(DN50-1200mm)
Outflow price 6-18700 mthree/h
Head elevate 5-10000m
Liquid Temp. Max 80 ºC

Multi-function remedy:
• Refreshing water, river water, rain h2o
• Slurry & semi strong materials
• Nicely pointing – high vacuum pump capability
• Fire fighting or building substantial pressure pump station
• 24 hour dependability
• Developed for large ambient environments

Major purposes:
• Developing & CZPT – well pointing and sump pumping
• H2o & Waste – over pumping and methods bypass
• Quarries & Mines – sump pumping
• Emergency Water Control – sump pumping
• Docks, Ports & CZPTs – sump pumping and stabilization of masses

Regular products:

  1. Diesel motor assembly
  2. H2o pump assembly
  3. Flexible shaft coupling unit
  4. Metal mounting skid

Optional products:

  1. Constructed-in fuel tank (Additional separate gas tank is accessible.)
  2. Clutch or gearbox
  3. CZPTery
  4. Engine and water pump protection technique
  5. CZPT begin and self shut off function(ATS AMF)
  6. Remote manage/off duty control/Pc handle or cell telephone management
  7. Trailer and weather cover
  8. Suction hose, delivery hose or lay flat hose, PP/PE pipe, wire bolstered PVC or rubber hose.
  9. Foot valve, gate valve, non-return valve, butter fly valve, pipe fittings and hose clamps
  10. Motor and water pump added spare parts relatively.

Conventional CZPT suited for by sea or lengthy distance transportation.

Delivery date: 
Regularly, in 3-30 functioning times after acquiring the deposit, specific types to be mentioned by two events.

CZPT assure:
Our organization regard quality as our daily life to accomplish the ideal machinery at any time. We are certified by ISO 9001 program and obey the stipulations and management.

1. One yr or a thousand functioning several hours guarantee of complete device apart from for use components
two. CZPT assistance by e mail entire working day
3. Contacting service
4. User’s manual obtainable
5. Installation manual for clientele from each China and overseas
6. Maintance and replacement services

Contact details:
Frank PAN   (CZPT Manager)
HangZhou Sunny Power CZPTry CO.,LTD.

3-32inch Diesel Water Pump for Irrigation Mine Dewatering Fire Fighting Marine Use