Drive shaft

We are able to build an agricultural drive shaft for anyone who is in need. We aren’t only in a position to build and mend agricultural shafts for our local customers, but for customers from around the globe. Our employees at Travel Shafts, Inc. have many years of encounter in the wonderful world of agricultural drive shafts. We take pride in our products and we wish you, the Consumer, to receive the very best agricultural shafts possible.
We’ve had several Ocean doo sparks come in over the previous 24 months with driveline issues. Many issues are related to pump harm and PTO spline destruction. utilized a plastic have on ring with no supporting framework around the wear band. The drive shaft splines also see a lot of wear with stripped splines. On the PTO end “rear of electric motor” the grease boot and spacer fail without warning triggering the driveshaft to strip and the PTO coupler to strip.

The most common type that we sell is Walterscheid 2580 series (1 3/8″ x 6 spline on cv and 1 3/4″ x 20 spline on implement). These shafts as well include all different kinds of splines on each 1 3/8 x 6 spline, 1 3/8 x 21 spline, and 1 3/4 x 20 spline.
The agricultural parts that we stock possess all been quality-tested and we help to make it a priority to assure that the merchandise that people use for our agricultural shafts will be safe for their expected uses. We build and repair agricultural drive shafts every day. If you are looking for an agricultural travel shaft, we will make the maximum attempt to build one for you pto shaft regularly.
Fits all regular American tractor engines with 540 RPM electric power takeoff, 1-3/8” spline shaft
• Handles pumps needing up to 10 BHP
• Self-contained lubrication program. Uses 90W equipment lube for quiet, long life operation
• Large, helical slice, hardened steel gears for quiet, long life operation
• Reversible mounting for correct or left hand drive gas engines. Features reversible dipstick and oil level sight glass

We also sell constant velocity agricultural shafts.