Factory of 3 Stage High Pressure Hand Pump for Pcp Air Gun Rifle Paintball Guns Airguns

Factory of 3 Stage High Pressure Hand Pump for Pcp Air Gun Rifle Paintball Guns Airguns

Composition 3 Stage High Pressure Hand Pump
Size 630mm closed, 1070mm open
Max Pressure 310 Bar 4500 psi or 30 Mpa
Output Nut M 10 * 1
Connector 8 MM
N.W 2.8 kg
G.W 3.0 KG
Package  5 pcs / carton
Carton Size .65 *.18 * 0.33 = 0.038 CMB
G.W of Carton  15 kg / Carton
OEM order Yes

-Maximum 300 bar fill strain.

-Created-in humidity trap embedded in the proper deal with which traps the dampness and protects your pump & air rifle.

-Constructed-in particle filter embedded in the correct take care of which traps the dust & dirt and protects your pump & air rifle.

-Ergonomically designed take care of with artificial go over.

-Further compartment in the left take care of where you can put spare areas and O-rings of the pump or small possessions.

-Comes with hose and connector.

-Built-in specific pressure gauge embedded in the frame which protects it from exterior impacts.
-Easily demountable style.

-The most practical and reasonably priced way to cost your PCP air gun.

Why is the hand pump the Best way to fill a PCP?
In a term – management! You can cease at precisely the spot in the strain curve your airgun likes. With a scuba tank, it is challenging to stop at precisely the proper point simply because the stress rises so quickly. Also, as soon as a scuba tank or carbon fiber tank starts dropping in pressure, you cannot place a lot more into a gun than is available in the tank. With a 3000 psi 80-cubic-foot tank, a pretty common dimensions for a scuba tank, that occurs fairly swift. When it does, you might be caught placing in significantly less than a complete fill for a excellent quantity of fills. Towards the conclude, you happen to be only putting in enough air for a handful of photographs just before it is time to fill once more. Not so with the pump, since you can go to the proper stopping force every and every time. 

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Factory of 3 Stage High Pressure Hand Pump for Pcp Air Gun Rifle Paintball Guns Airguns