High Quality Stainless Steel Horizontal Homogenizer Dairy Milk Emulsion Pump

High Quality Stainless Steel Horizontal Homogenizer Dairy Milk Emulsion Pump

Tag:Substantial CZPT CZPT Metal Horizontal Homogenizer Dairy/Milk Emulsion Pump 

High Shear Pump is a high shear mixer for inline or ongoing procedure. In the Inline method, the mixer is installed outside the house the tank. This tends to make it straightforward to be created into an existing generation line with normal inlet/outlet connections. In the circumstance to deal with liquid with a low viscosity, the BRL-three sequence Substantial Shear Pump can pump the liquid without having an added pump. That is why it is also known as High Shear Pump. The BRL-3 series Large Shear Pump can be utilized to offer with the merchandise in a single move or with several circulations to make the merchandise better. The multi-phase (generally a few-phase) Large Shear Pump has 3 sets of stator/rotor systems to improve its shearing performance. This design significantly minimizes processing time, and in some cases only one go through the mixer can direct to content goods.
CZPT Parameters

Product Energy(kw) Velocity(r/min) Movement(m³/h)
High definition-60 4 2800 -four
High definition-one hundred 7.five 2800 -8
High definition-a hundred and twenty eleven 2800 -12
High definition-one hundred forty fifteen 2800 -eighteen
High definition-a hundred sixty five 22 2800 -22
Hd-200 37 2800 -thirty
High definition-220 fifty five 2800 -forty
High definition-240 75 2800 -fifty five
Hd-260 ninety 1480 -sixty five
Hd-300 110 1480 -80
Hd-360 132 1480 -100
Hd-380 160 1480 -one hundred twenty
Hd-four hundred 185 1480 -140

<<Save your processing time by up to 90%
<<Increase the end product uniformity
<<Save your cost of lots of agitators & pipelines
<<Easily adapted into an existing production line without change of the layout
<<Compact size requiring small space
<<Hygienic design for food & pharmaceuticals
<<Various interchangeable stator/rotor for different materials to be handled
<<CZPT stainless steel construction to meet the strict hygienic requirement
<<Multiple stage stator/rotor for single pass processing to save more time but a better  uniformity
<<Double mechanical seals with thermosyphon tank to cool the seals
<<Contact parts to be built in SS304, SS316L.
<<Dull polishing or mirror-like polishing
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High Quality Stainless Steel Horizontal Homogenizer Dairy Milk Emulsion Pump