Horizontal Sump Pump with Self-Priming Sewage Pump

Horizontal Sump Pump with Self-Priming Sewage Pump

CZPT Identify:Horizontal sump pump with Self-Priming Sewage Pump

A, solution introduction:

ZW kind self-priming non clogging sewage pump, is the division in accordance to the ZX kind self – suction centrifugal pumps and QW type submersible sewage pump composition and performance, from the positive aspects of comparable international merchandise, to develop into a set of self suction and discharge in a new type of pump. Can be like drinking water pump does not need to install the valve, with out irrigation h2o, and aspirate that contains massive particles of reliable diameter is 60% and the fiber duration diameter of impeller outlet is one.five times the diameter of the grime, sediment, abandoned mine impurity, squander treatment method and sewage works all compound and colloid liquid, fully lessen the labor intensity of human, and handy set up and use, small fix, functionality reached the intercontinental advanced level, with vast software market and growth prospective customers.

Two, item functions:

1, sewage capacity: Special impeller anti blocking layout, to ensure the successful and non clogging pump.
two, large performance and power saving: CZPT design with exceptional, successful than common self suction pump high three ~ 5%.
three, great self-priming functionality: Self-priming top than the standard self suction pump one meters high, and the self-priming time.
Three, product use:
ZW type self-priming non clogging sewage pump is ideal for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper, fiber, pulp, textile, meals, power plant and municipal sewage functions, general public amenities, sewage pond aquaculture market.

4, the technical parameters:

1. Targeted traffic: five-800m3/h
two. Head: 12-60m
three. Motor power: two.2-55KW
four. Speed: 1450-2900r/min
5. Aperture: φ 25- φ 300
six. Medium temperature ≤ a hundred Celsius
7. Self suction height: 4.5-6.0m.

fault phenomenon failure cause elimination methods
  one.No electrical power offer or one or two period power offer is essential Verify all phases of electrical power offer and restore energy source


  2.Bad speak to of ac contactor and burning of coil Fix or substitute contactors


can not start 3.
The electrical power change is not shut, malfunction or ruined


Shut the swap and exchange it if the energy indicator does not change on
Thermal relay trip or damage


Check whether or not the motor is blocked, discover out the reason and remove it.Guide reset is replaced if it are not able to be began
  Water amount is too low Put water in the sink


  The motor burned Mend or replace the motor


  1.Line is loose Check out wiring and tighten connectors


  two.Frequency converter malfunction Check out the fault content material, check out the trigger according to the frequency converter handbook, and restart following reset.Or disconnect the inverter electricity source for a number of CZPTs, the inverter fault reset prior to beginning.
The guide is regular 3The frequency converter is damaged Fix or substitute
CZPT transmission failure four.Pressure swap injury Fix or substitute
  5The pressure transmitter is destroyed Restore or replace
  6.Change failure Mend or change
Pump non – suction pressure gauge pointer to defeat violently Inadequate h2o provide for perfusion, air leakage at the connection in between pipeline and instrument Check out pipeline and base valve, refill drinking water diversion. Tighten air leakage
The pump consumes also much power


Also much movement, impeller use


Examine no matter whether the pump shaft is bent, replace the impeller, shut the outlet valve to reduce the stream

Horizontal Sump Pump with Self-Priming Sewage Pump