Mineral Processing Mining Slurry Pump

Mineral Processing Mining Slurry Pump

        CZPT Processing CZPT Slurry Pump

Sum pump feature
Recovery tower centrifugal sump pump is Horizontal, cantilevered centrifugal slurry pump.
Extensively utilised in industries of mining, metallurgy, electric powered electricity, coal, chemicals, building and many others, transporting abrasive or / and corrosive slurry. 
Interchangeable high dress in resistant steel or force molded elastomer liner, so as the impeller.
The discharge department can be positioned at intervals of 45 degrees by ask for and oriented to any 8 positions to fit installations and purposes.
3 seal kind alternative:Gland packing seal, Expeller seal, CZPT seal
Outstanding dress in daily life, Effortless servicing
Best whole functioning cost
Sump Pump Functionality:

Design Content
( m)
1.5/1B-AM M twelve.six~28.eight 6~68 1200~3800 2~four
RU 10.8~twenty five.2 7~fifty two 1400~3400
1.five/1B-AMH M 16.two~34.two twenty five~ninety two 1400~2200 one~5.five
two/one.5B-AM M 32.four~seventy two 6~fifty eight 1200~3200 three.five~8
RU 25.2~fifty four 5.five~forty one one thousand~2600 2.five~five
3/2C-AM M 39.6~86.4 12~64 1300~2700 4~6
RU 36~seventy five.6 thirteen~39 1300~2100 2~4
four/3C-AM M 86.four~198 9~fifty two a thousand~2200 4~6
4/3C-AM RU 79.two~one hundred eighty five~34.5 800~1800 three~5
4/3E-AMH M 126~252 twelve~97 600~1400 2~5
six/4D-AM M 162~360 12~56 800~1550 5~eight
6/4D-AM RU a hundred and forty four~324 12~45 800~1350 3~five
6/4F-AMH M 100~414 34~ninety eight 600~1000 2~8
8/6E-AM M 360~828 ten~sixty one 500~1140 two~nine
eight/6E-AM RU 324~720 seven~49 four hundred~1000 5~ten
ten/8ST-AM M 612~1368 11~61 four hundred~850 4~10
RU 540~1188 twelve~fifty 400~750 four~12
ten/8E-MM M 666~1440 14~sixty 600~1100 four~ten
10/8E-MM RU 540~1188 ten~42 five hundred~900 5~nine
12/10ST-AM M 936~1980 7~68 300~800 six
M 720~1620 seven~45 three hundred~650 two.5~7.five
fourteen/12ST-AM M 1260~2772 thirteen~63 three hundred~600 three~10
RU 1152~2520 13~44 300~500 3~8
sixteen/14ST-AM M 1368~3060 11~63 250~550 4~ten
eighteen/16ST-AM M 2160~5040 eight~66 two hundred~500 4.5~nine
20/18TU-AM M 2520~5400 thirteen~57 two hundred~400 five~10

one. RU: rubber, M: alloy dress in-resistant content,
two. Recommended circulation: 50%Q’≤Q≤110%Q’
(Q’≈Appropriate to potential at maximum efficiency position)
three. NPSH: advisable level Q at optimum pace
Software for sump pump:
  Heavy obligation CZPT Process     Coal Planning Plant
Cyclone Feeds                        CZPT Processing
Tailings                                    Mill Grinding
Slurry Feeding System            Heavy Refuse Elimination
Pulp And Paper                       Dredging
CZPT Slurry                        High Density Slurries
Ash Handling                           CZPT Processing


Trustworthy and extensive good quality assurance method assures the outstanding high quality of our products. We have acquired the “CZPT Common” certification, created in accordance to GB, Office of superscript, and industry CZPTs, we apply a comprehensive high quality management during the total process of production, accordance with the method file processing strictly, and a selection of detection strategies and many others.

We have meet up with the specifications of GB3216-89 nationwide Course B accuracy, , computer test data monitoring of h2o check pumping station application. There are actual physical chemistry laboratory, metallographic examination room in our manufacturing facility, for screening substance houses in distinct respects.

1. CZPT Plan

   Advocates top quality is the life of business, assiduous, the pursuit of excellence

two. CZPT targets

   qualified goods price 99%, factory certified pass charge: 100%

3. CZPT Motivation

  1) We will keep on to increase the recognition of high quality, utilizing as GB/T19001-2000 top quality assurance design CZPT, conference technical specifications stipulated in the deal. We are not only discharge for the supplier host, but also for the good quality of spare parts, external help merchandise etc.

  2) We guarantee the supply time stipulated in the deal.


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Mineral Processing Mining Slurry Pump