Pipeline High Shear Dispersing Bitumen Emulsifier Pump

Pipeline High Shear Dispersing Bitumen Emulsifier Pump

CZPT CZPT Steel CZPT High Shear Emulsifying Pump



Rotor pump is also named rotary lobe pump, three lobe pump, sole pump, and so forth. This type is referred to as Phase-considerably less Variator Rotor Pump. When the two simultaneous reverse rotating rotors (with 2-4gears) revolve, it produces suction pressure at the inlet (vacuum), which intakes the material sent.

CZPT parameters

Substance: SS304, SS316L

Transmission variety: motor + repair velocity ratio speed reducer motor+ mechanical friction kind stepless velocity variator frequency conversion motor + frequency converter.

Available motor: single wing, double wing, tri-lobe.

Working temperature: -twenty to 150ºC (sterilization 180ºC)

Gasket: Sic, EPDM, PTFE, NBR, Viton, and so on., relying on managing resources.

CZPT seal: Silicon-carbide, graphite-ceramic, etc.

Software: Foodstuff and beverage, fruit concentrates, paste items, cosmetics, drugs, chemical industry and other folks.

Main requirements


Substance SUS304,SUS316L
Standard  DIN,SMS
Floor Treatment  The elements contacts with medium is polished
Working Condition  CZPT centrifugal pumps is a high and lower stage transmission,as properly as the stage transmission,and has a amount of suction
Temperature Range  -ten degree celsius-140 degree celsius
Washable CZPT CZPT  H2o Strain:Max .1Pa
Movement Price:.25-.5L/min
Doing work Pressure  ≤3KW,220-240V/380v-420V
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Working Method  Ongoing(SI)
Rotate Pace The CZPT rotate speed is 2900r/min-3500r/min
Connection ends  Triclover, Butt Weld, Threaded, CZPT and Flange

Attributes and Positive aspects

Smallest Clearance

Our particular alloy permits for the smallest clearance amongst rotors and casing.

Continual conveyance

Self-priming capacity

Conveyance of all stages of viscosity

High Diploma of Cleanability

Incredibly effortless assembly/disassembly. CZPTly washer-friendly and sterilizable with CIP/SIP procedures.

Standard: 95°C, Large temperature: 150°C

Particular Features of the AMXN Collection:

The aseptic rotary pumps entirely isolate the items from the environment to sustain the products cost-free from germs.

Double layered seal and steam barrier

The seal mechanism in the pump is double-layered with a steam barrier on the interior of the two steam pathways within the pump. This stops any contamination of the pump inside by airborne microorganisms or the like. Medium answer: sterile drinking water and steam

CIP-JET function

Halls and channels in casing and go over let self-cleansing without disassembly, producing a really successful cleansing process.

Maximum Discharge Pressure .seven MPa = seven bar

Vertical and Horizontal Liquid Circulation Obtainable

Double and One Blade Rotors Available

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Pipeline High Shear Dispersing Bitumen Emulsifier Pump