Planetary gear motor

· 165RPM HD precision planetary gear motor
· Optimum torque: 680.5 oz-in. (12VDC)
· No load current: 0.53A
· Gear ratio: 51:1
The 12V, 165RPM 680.5oz-in Precision Planetary Gearmotor offers dual ball bearings, complete metal gears, and extreme power
· Dual ball bearings
· Full metal planetary gears
· Operating voltage range: 6~12VDC
· Rated voltage: 12VDC
· Ranked load: 7.3 kgf-cm (101.4 oz-in)
· Operating temperature: -10 ~ +60°C
· Stall torque: 49 kgf-cm (680.5 oz-in)
· Speed (no-load): 165 RPM
· Maximum current (no-load): 0.53A
· Maximum stall current: 20A @ 12VDC
· Dielectric strength: 250V AC
· Motor brush type: Graphite
· Output power at optimum efficiency: 11W
· Gear type: Planetary
· Gear ratio: 51:1
· Bearing type: Dual ball bearing
Gear Motor w/ Encoder
Product Highlights
· High-Power Gear Motor
· Nominal Voltage: 24V
· No Load RPM: 143
· Stall Current: 13A
· Stall Torque: 1472 oz-in
· Shaft Diameter: 8 mm
· Hall Effect Encoder Included
· High-Power Gear Motor
· Nominal Voltage: 24V

Planetary Gear Motor

The Ever-power IG52 motors certainly are a revolution in the DC motor 24V 100W category. These industrial grade DC motor will be the workhorse for high load constant use 24V DC motor commercial applications. The Ever-power IG52 motors possess the next amazing gearbox features –
· Higher Torque to Quantity ratio than any comparative engine in the category.
· Silent Operation in comparison with other make gear package motor.
· Very low no load current because of high precision gear box.
· High safety margin of at least 1.5 times the peak wattage rating.
· Suitable for continuous make use of in industrial applications
· Shaft provided with keyway slot and key for positive coupling applications.
· Alloy steel Shaft of 12mm offers a durable and durable output.
The Ever-power 750 rpm IG52 motor has a rated torque of 10kgcm and a stall torque of 30kgcm. Therefore the motor can be used uptill 30kgcm, however the motor shouldn’t heat up beyond 45 to 50 degree centigrade. The base engine of the Ever-power IG52 motor is top quality industrial grade 100W 2810 rpm engine which alongwith the durable all metal planetary equipment box provides the 750 rpm at the output shaft.