Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for Lab Medical Equipment

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for Lab Medical Equipment


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Roots Rotary Piston Pump Method is produced up with the Roots Vacuum Pump and Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump in sequence connection. Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump is utilised as the pre-vacuum pump and the backing vacuum pump of the Roots Vacuum Pump, although the Roots Vacuum Pump is the primary vacuum pump. The selection of displacement ratio, in between the Roots Vacuum Pump and the Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump, is mainly referred to the vacuum worth of the vacuum technique under long term working when doing work in lower vacuum, it is recommended to decide on modest displacement ratio(two:1 to 4:1) If doing work in medium or higher vacuum, the even bigger displacement ratio(4:1to10:one)must be chosen.


one.Higher vacuum, high exhausting effectiveness in medium or high vacuum, extensive working selection, apparent vitality-saving outcomes.
two. Integrated rack, compact construction, little needed place.
3. Substantial automation, basic operation, effortless maintenance, secure, trustworthy and resilient operating.
four. To customise a special pump method as per the particular demands of the finish consumer.
Widely utilised in vacuum coating, vacuum metallurgy, vacuum warmth remedy, vacuum drying, vacuum impregnation, vacuum strainer, poly-silicon creation, aerospace simulation and so on.                    

Main Specifications for One Roots Pump with Single Stage Rotary Piston Punmp Vacuum System 

Model Main Pump
Ultimate Partial
Pressure  (Pa)
Ultimate Total 
Motor Power
JZH75-3 ZJ-75 H-25DVA seventy five .05 .8 4.4,three.7 a hundred forty
JZH110-4 ZJ-a hundred and ten H-25DVA one hundred ten .05 .eight four.four, a hundred forty
JZH150-6 ZJ-150 H-25DVA 150 .05 .eight 5.two,four.five one hundred forty
JZH220-four ZJ-220 H-50DV 220 .05 .eight 8,6 a hundred fifty
JZH220-three ZJ-220 H-60DVA 220 .05 .eight 8,7 a hundred 50
JZH300-4 ZJ-three hundred H-70DV three hundred .05 .eight nine.five a hundred and fifty sixty three
JZH300-3 ZJ-300 H-100DV 300 .05 .8 eleven.five a hundred and fifty sixty three
JZH600-6 ZJ-600 H-100DV 600 .05 .8 fifteen,thirteen two hundred 63
JZH600-5 ZJ-600 H-120DV 600 .05 .eight fifteen,thirteen 200 sixty three
JZH600-four ZJ-600 H-150DV 600 .05 .8 eighteen.5,sixteen.5 two hundred 80
JZH600-three.5 ZJ-600 H-160DV 600 .05 .8 eighteen.five,16.five 200 eighty
JZH600-three ZJ-600 H-220DV 600 .05 .8 22.5,20.five 200 a hundred
JZH1200-eight ZJ-1200 H-150DV 1200 .05 .8 22 250 80
JZH1200-7.5 ZJ-1200 H-160DV 1200 .05 .8 22 250 80
JZH1200-five ZJ-1200 H-220DV 1200 .05 .8 26 250 100
JZH1200-4 ZJ-1200 H-300DV 1200 .05 .8 33 250 one hundred
JZH1800-8 ZJ-1800 H-220DV 1800 .05 .8 30 250 one hundred
JZH1800-six ZJ-1800 H-300DV 1800 .05 .8 37 250 one hundred
JZH1800-three ZJ-1800 H-600DV 1800 .05 .8 sixty 250 a hundred and fifty
JZH2500-11 ZJ-2500 H-220DV 2500 .05 .eight 37 three hundred 100
JZH2500-8 ZJ-2500 H-300DV 2500 .05 .8 44 three hundred 100
JZH2500-four ZJ-2500 H-600DV 2500 .05 .eight sixty seven 300 one hundred fifty
JZH5000-eight ZJ-5000 H-600DV 5000 .05 .eight eighty two 400 150


Main Specifications for One Roots Pump with Double Stages Rotary Piston Pump Vacuum System  


Main Pump
Backing Pump Displacement 
Ultimate Parlial
Ultimate Total 
Electrical power
ZJ2H75-5 ZJ-75 2H-15DVA seventy five .02 .5 4.four, 100 40
ZJ2H110-seven ZJ-one hundred ten 2H-15DVA a hundred and ten .02 .five four.4, one hundred forty
ZJ2H150-5 ZJ-150 2H-30DV a hundred and fifty .02 .5 seven,six one hundred 50
ZJ2H220-7 ZJ-220 2H-30DV 220 .02 .five 8,six one hundred fifty
ZJ2H220-five ZJ-220 2H-45DVA 220 .02 .five 8,seven one hundred fifty
ZJ2H220-four ZJ-220 2H-50DV 220 .02 .five 9.five,eight.5 100 63
ZJ2H300-six ZJ-three hundred 2H-50DV 300 .02 .5 nine.5 a hundred and fifty 63
ZJ2H300-4 ZJ-300 2H-70DV three hundred .02 .5 11.five a hundred and fifty 63
ZJ2H600-eight.five ZJ-600 2H-70DV 600 .02 .five 15 200 sixty three
ZJ2H600-7.5 ZJ-600 2H-80DV 600 .02 .5 15 two hundred 63
ZJ2H600-6 ZJ-600 2H-120DV 600 .02 .five 18.5,16.five two hundred 80
ZJ2H600-five ZJ-600 2H-120DV 600 .02 .5 18.5,16.five two hundred eighty
ZJ2H1200-eight ZJ-1200 2H-150DV 1200 .02 .5 ,26 250 100
ZJ2H1200-5 ZJ-1200 2H-220DV 1200 .02 .five 33 250 one hundred
ZJ2H1800-eight ZJ-1800 2H-220DV 1800 .02 .5 37 250 100
ZJ2H1800-four ZJ-1800 2H-450DV 1800 .02 .five sixty 250 a hundred and fifty
ZJ2H2500-eleven ZJ-2500 2H-220DV 2500 .02 .five forty four,40.five three hundred 100
ZJ2H2500-five.5 ZJ-2500 2H-450DV 2500 .02 .five sixty seven,63.5 three hundred one hundred fifty
ZJ2H5000-eleven ZJ-5000 2H-450DV 5000 .02 .five 82 400 a hundred and fifty



one. On-time Delivery, with Much more Choice 
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Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for Lab Medical Equipment