SHB-95 Big Power Vacuum Pump

SHB-95 Big Power Vacuum Pump

Item Description

 HEB SHZ-95B  water circulating vacuum pump.
This item is a new kind vacuum suction pump style based on recycled drinking water as the operating fluid, the theory of adverse pressure produced by jet. It is commonly utilized to give vacuum for chemical experiments and circulating cooling h2o to the reaction established.

The pumps are widely utilised to delivering vacuum issue for the processes of evaporation, distillation, crystallization, filtration, decompression, sublimation and so on. It is the perfect equipment in universities pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing and other areas in laboratory.


Features of SHZ-95B  water circulating vacuum pump
one) No oil utilized, non-air pollution, substantial energy, lower sound,straightforward and adaptable.
2) Water-conserving electricity-saving, it is a single table multi-pipe procedure equipment.
3) With 5 faucets, can be employed independently or in parallel combination.
4) Corrosion-resistant, non-pollution, steady operation, lengthy existence.
5) Main engine has polypropylene and stainless metal two types.

Techincal parameter of SHZ-95B water circulating vacuum pump



Movement Fee (L/min)


Raise (m)


Energy (W)


One stop sucking rate (L/min)


H2o storage tank volume(L)


Vacuum Diploma (Mpa)


Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz)


Faucet Number

Solitary meter five taps

Boundary Dimension (mm*mm*mm)


Human body content

Anti-corrosion Sort

Noise (dB)


Lifeless Bodyweight (Kg)



SHB-95 Big Power Vacuum Pump