SMR gearbox ordering guidelines

tips on how to purchase the SMR gear box
Gearbox Coding
Gearbox coding
1st three letters: SMR
Fourth letter, unit dimension: BCD EFG HJ
Fifth and sixth digits, ratio code: 05 13 twenty
Seventh digit. signifies assembly: O shaft mounted speed reducer two flange mount
Eighth digit: indicates output hub bore expected: 1 standard metric bore. 2 option metric bore.
Dimension e unit 20:1 nominal gear ratio, shaft mounted with regular metric hub bore (55mm): SMR-E2001
It backstop are expected, these must be order separately. and ought to specify the output hub rotation. E.g.: SMR-E2001 total with backstop. within the input shaft side, the output hub’s rotation is in clockwise.
optional Extras
A backstop could be incorporated on applications wherever it is necessary to prevent reversal of rotation. it is speedily put in in the reducer, by just getting rid of a cover plate
Note: For ratio five: one gear box, backstop do not recommended.
Flange mounting
SMR situation design and style is this kind of the reducer may be bolted direct to supporting framework. this flange mounting utilization of the reducer may perhaps permit designers to omit a bearing or pillow block, nonetheless it does. certainly. get rid of the simple belt adjustment attribute characteristic of shaft mount.
Note: Standard SMR gearbox tend not to drill mount screws. when buyer need these sorts mount, please specify while in the order.