Stainless Steel Flex-Impellper Pump

Stainless Steel Flex-Impellper Pump

Title&colon Lobe pump

Substance&colon SS304&comma SS316

Operation Theory&colon

Lobe pump is also named colloid pump&comma a few-lobe pump&comma sole pump&comma and so forth&time period When the 2
simultaneous reverse rotating rotors &lparwith two-4 gears&rpar revolve&comma it produces suction force
at the inlet &lparvacuum&rpar&comma which intakes the substance shipped&period of time The two rotors divide the rotor
housing into numerous scaled-down parts and revolve in the sequence of a-b-c-d&period of time When it revolves
to situation a&comma only housing &vert is crammed with medium&comma when it revolves to position b&comma housing B
encloses medium&comma and finally it goes to position d&comma then housing A&comma B and &vert&vert are interlinked a
nd the medium is transported to the outlet&period of time As this method is recurring&comma medium &lparmaterial&rpar
is transported constantly&period of time

Special Composition

Butterfly rotor pump&colon With butterfly rotor&comma it is superior to other rotor pump when transferring
content with large viscosity and larger powder and successfully transports really rigid materials&interval
Singe butterfly curved rotor pump &lparpowder rotor pump&rpar&colon This pump collection are specially design and style
to transportation substance with larger powder&period of time Its unique shape and curve can make it much more exceptional
when compared to other pumps in delivering materials with greater powders&time period It properly stops powders
from clashing&comma which is the best choice of pumps transferring content with powders&period of time
Broadly used to supply&colon Numerous specific materials&comma rigid content&comma mixture with various particular
gravity&comma corrosive substance and materials with bigger electricity&interval Potential &sol for each centum rotate&comma range speed&comma
corresponding discharge

We are specialised in producing various varieties of Colloid mill&comma pumps&comma tanks and many others for several years&period of time
We can design and style the items according to your unique request&interval OEM is welcome also&period

Please contact us if you have any requirements&period 

Model Ability &sol for every centum Rotate Speed  &lparRPA&rpar Movement &lparL&solH&rpar Electricity &lparKW&rpar
BLS-3 3L 200-five hundred three hundred-800 &period55
BLS-6 6L two hundred-500 650-1600 &period75
BLS-8 8L 200-five hundred 850-2160 1&period5
BLS-twelve 12L two hundred-five hundred 1300-3200 two&period2
BLS-20 20L two hundred-five hundred 2100-5400 3
BLS-30 30L 200-400 3200-6400 4
BLS-36 36L two hundred-four hundred 3800-7600 4
BLS-fifty two 52L 200-four hundred 5600-11000 five&period5
BLS-66 66L 200-400 7100-14000 seven&period5
BLS-78 78L 200-400 9000-18000 7&period5
BLS-a hundred 100L two hundred-400 11000-22000 11
BLS-a hundred thirty five 135L 200-400 15000-30000 15
BLS-a hundred and sixty 160L two hundred-400 17000-34000 eighteen&period5
BLS-200 200L two hundred-four hundred 21600-43000 22

Stainless Steel Flex-Impellper Pump