Vertical Water Cooling Claw Dry Industrial Vacuum Pump

Vertical Water Cooling Claw Dry Industrial Vacuum Pump

110L/S Vertical Variety Dry Fuel Processing Claw Vacuum Pump (DCVA-110U1/U2)

With the distinctive direct  airway and shorter  airflow route in pump cavity, Dry Vertical Claw Vacuum Pump is ready to drain effectively without having shutoff.  It is comprised of four-phase pump cavities with a pair of rotors in each and every pump cavity. This composition makes it feasible to maintain a higher vacuum amount for a long time even in an adverse condition.  
Features of Vertical Kind Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps

+  Simple maintenance and built-in self diagnostics-Low  maintenance price
+  Secondary recovery of organic and natural solvent-Preserve production cost
+  Low noise stage-Cheapest among the PRC producers
+  Zero-discharge of sewage-CZPTally welcoming
+  Stringent merchandise technical specs-PRC navy specs  AP 1676
+  Higher procedure reliability-Extended daily life-cycle
+  Explosion-evidence layout-Flammable and explosive gas 
+  Low energy use-Raise economic reward, price financial savings
+  Multiple use-As a single pump, or as a first phase suction pump
+  CZPTer dynamical balancing performance-Can reliably operate underneath large pace
+  Excellent greatest vacuum capacity

Moreover, we are specialised in supplying compressed air products and resolution to our customers all over the world. Our JV producing facility is in Southern China and that our monetary & logistics headquarter is in Hong Kong. Our procuct assortment contains Regular screw air compressor(3kW-315kW), Minimal and Hight stress rotary screw air compressor, Oil cost-free screw/scroll compressors,VSD inverter controlled screw compressors,Railway software compressors,Underground application compressors,Biogas/Landfill fuel compressor, CNG / LPG software compressors,Refrigerated air dryers,Dessicant air dryers and Inline air filters/h2o separator.

CZPT parameters:

Specification Unit DCVA-70U1/U2 DCVA-110U1/U2 DCVA-150U1/U2 DCVA-200U1/U2
Nominal Displacement Potential L/S 70 110 one hundred fifty 200
m3/h 252 396 540 720
L/min 4200 6600 9000 12000
m3/min four.two six.6 nine 12
CFM one hundred fifty 236 321 428
Supreme Pressure mbar ≤0.five/≤0.03 ≤0.5/≤0.03 ≤0.5/≤0.03 ≤0.5/≤0.03
Torr ≤0.38/≤0.571 ≤0.38/≤0.571 ≤0.38/≤0.571 ≤0.38/≤0.571
Pa ≤50/≤3 ≤50/≤3 ≤50/≤3 ≤50/≤3
Motor HP ten 20 25 30
Electrical power Kw 50Hz 7.5 fifteen eighteen.5 22
Kw 60Hz 7.five 15 eighteen.5 22
Voltage V 380 380 380 380
Rotational Pace Rpm 50Hz 2900 2900 2900 2900
Rpm 60Hz 3480 3480 3480 3480
Inlet & Outlet Port mm DN50 DN65 DN80 DN80
Inch DN1.97 DN2.fifty six DN3.fifteen DN3.15
CZPT Water M³/h .seven .eight 1. 1.5
GPM 2.57 2.94 3.67 five.fifty one
Fat kg 550 750 950 1250
Lbs 1210 1650 2090 2500
Sound db 70 seventy five 75 seventy five

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Vertical Water Cooling Claw Dry Industrial Vacuum Pump